Work Experience

  • StarMan Studios (March 2019 – Present) – Audio Engineer
    • Furie (2019) – Pre-Mix
    • The First King (2019) – ADR Engineer and Pre-Mix
    • The Divine Fury (2019) – ADR Engineer and Pre-Mix
    • A Dog’s Courage (2020) – ADR Engineer and Pre-Mix
  • Pocket Sandwich Theater: The Roof (February 2019) – Sound Board Operator
  • Camp Death: Indiana Solo and the Hunt for the Jeweled Macguffin (January 2019) – Sound Board Operator, Light Design
  • Camp Death: Santa Claus vs the Martians (December 2018) – Sound Board Operator, Light Board Operator, Sound Design, Light Design
    • Completely revamped and modernized the original sound design.
  • Titanium Templar: Cyberscape Neo (October 2018 – January 2019) – Composer, Sound Design
    • Provided personal air whip library and additional foley to the project in addition to providing music composition services.
  • Camp Death: Indiana Solo and the Hunt for the Jeweled Macguffin (July 2018) – Sound Board Operator, Light Board Operator
  • Dos Muchos Games: Block Heavy (Internship, Fall 2015) – Sound Designer, Composer, Sound Implementation
    • Designed and implemented all sound and music for Block Heavy utilizing Unity 5’s Audio API.
  • University of Texas at Arlington (Work/Study, Fall 2014 – Spring 2015) – Recording Studio Manager

Education, Conferences & Workshops

  • ADR Engineering Workshop (July 2018) – Taught by Neal Malley of FUNImation
    • Learned basics of ADR Engineering focusing on anticipating the director’s needs, editing with focus keys, and general Pro Tools knowledge.
  • Game Developer’s Conference (March 2018) – Audio Bootcamp XVII
    • Additional panels attended – Audio Programming Roundtable, Voice Acting Roundtable, and An Interactive Sound Dystopia: Real-Time Audio Processing in “NieR: Automata”
  • University of Texas at Arlington (Fall 2008 – Spring 2016) – Bachelor’s Degree of Music, Recording Technology Specialization


  • Programming Languages – C#, Java, Python, C
  • DAWs and Plugins – Pro Tools, Reaper, FL Studio, Adobe Audition, iZotope, Waves, Native Instruments
  • Audio Middleware – Wwise, Unity 5 Audio API